To be comfortable before making a property purchase we recommend our clients to instruct an engineer/surveyor to make a pre-purchase survey/inspection before signing a contract.
The main purpose of any survey is to establish if there are any major defects such as subsidence or damp penetration. In some cases we are able to determine if there are any major defects (it can be assumed that any second-hand property will have some minor repairable defects) and it would be possible to skip the survey.
Alternatively, should you require an interior designer to cost/recommend changes ask them their opinion as to the need for a survey when they inspect the property.

For peace of mind: A pre-purchase written survey will cost between $300 to $600 + V.A.T.

We can recommend the following veteran immigrants from English speaking countries:

Marcel Margolis
P. O. Box 2022 Efrata 90435
Tel. 02-9932280
Fax. 02-9932088
Mobile 050-5551855
Marcel is a qualified valuer/appraiser and is a Chartered Surveyor
Chaim Milun
22 Harakefet St. Alon Shvut 90433
Tel. 02-9933976
Fax. 02-9931663
Mobile 052-2200311
Chaim is a qualified building engineer and has architectural training

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