Alan Deco z”l

It is with great sorrow that we part from the founder of Capital Property Consultants at the young age of 61. He leaves behind his wife Leora, two daughters Dana and Maya, son-in-law Alon and a grandson Tom. His parents Betty and Harry in London survive him.
Alan will be remembered by all who knew him as a gregarious character, always joking and with a personal comment for everyone. Underneath the banter however was a serious professional who knew his way in his chosen profession and was thought of as one of the most serious agents in Jerusalem. His technical and computer abilities were vast, he taught himself web design, created our site, and renewed it just last year.

He was the first realtor to produce For Sale boards in the 1980’s, involved in the creation of information services for realtors and also one of the first to use the internet for advertising property. He had site plans for every street in the center of Jerusalem and files for every property we worked on. Alan was also full of ideas for the future, he could see down the line how things would turn out if a specific action was taken, a rare gift to have. He tried his hand at renovations and enjoyed it so much that (unknown to him) it took over the last few years of his life. His attention to detail and organizational abilities showed in the end product and produced a gorgeous house.

In this business you sometimes need to have nerves of steel and thick skin, Alan had those qualities and his endless patience with customers always worked to his advantage and brought him success in his business. I am sure some of you will have your own personal anecdotes to tell us and the family and I would be very happy to receive them.

Testimonials from colleagues and clients:

I always considered him one of the few real professionals that I met during my work in the field of real estate in Israel. Alan was one of the first sales persons that we hired when we opened Ambassador. It was refreshing to discuss real estate matters with him. not too many of my colleagues understood his professional approach.In Canada, we always insisted on salesmen knowing the first rule of selling, “know your product”. As a Professional Surveyor, Alan knew it well.

We are so sorry to hear of this tragedy.We will always remember Alan and the time we spent together searching for a home in Israel. wonderful man with an abundance of integrity.

I shall always remember him as vivid, energetic and full of sense of humour. He and yourself also have a great zchut with us in regards to finding us our present apartment.

What a shock. We had no idea Alan had been ill. He always seemed so vital that it’s difficult to think of him being gone. We will be forever grateful for the guidance the two of you gave us in helping us set down more permanent roots in Yerushalayim.

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